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what is a self-defense pen

Here Is Everything You Want To Know About What Is A Self-Defense Pen

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If you want to know what is a self-defense pen, you have come to the right place. A self defense pen is also known as a Kubotan. It was invented in the 1960s and it is still widely used in martial arts. There is a wide variety of self-defense equipment available today but what makes self-defense pen really popular is that these are extremely easy to conceal as you can fit these pens into small pockets with ease.

Not everybody can or wants to carry a firearm for self-defense purposes. This is where a self-defense pen shines as it is not noticeable and when used in the correct manner, it can hurt your attacker like hell. Another advantage of the self-defense pens is that these are cheap and it is not difficult to learn to use these pens.

What Is a Self-Defense Pen?

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These are also known as tactical pens. These are forged from hardened metal and these metal pens are usually stamped with friction grooves that help in improving the grip. There is a hardened tip at the end of the non-writing end of the pen and this hardened pen is the primary weapon. It is designed to injure by penetrating the attacker.

In simple terms, it is designed for puncturing and incapacitating an attacker to get an advantage over the attacker. One of the biggest advantages of carrying a tactical pen is that you can use it as a pen and also use it for self-defense to stab anyone attacking you. It is also known as a multi-tool or survival device.

It is not easy to always be prepared to defend yourself. In fact, more people are disarmed in the modern society as compared to those who carry any kind of arms on them. Most people are not allowed to legally carry guns everywhere as well as other types of self-defense weapons such as clubs, knives and bows among other things. This is where the self-defense pen allows you to overcome these restrictions. While you can use a variety of objects as a weapon, the tactical pen is a highly effective tool that allows you to protect yourself. In addition to being used as a self-defense weapon, there are plenty of other users of a tactical pen.

It is highly effective for breaking glass panes. If you want to break a glass pane, grip the pen tightly in your hand and slam the pointed end in the corner of the glass pane in order to shatter it easily. It can be highly effective if you are stuck in a car and want to get out by breaking the glass windows. Similarly, you can use it to get inside a building by breaking the glass pane.

Another big advantage of a tactical pen is that it also allows you to collect DNA of an assailant. Some of the models available in the market come with a cap that can be used for scraping off an assailant. The flesh or blood left behind can then be used for DNA analysis.

Benefits of Self-Defense Pens

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A tactical pen is discreet as these are designed like a normal pen and you can carry these pens with you almost anywhere. These are also extremely easy to grip and your attacker will not find it easy to pry it from your hands due to their size. Since it is an actual pen, you can also use it to jot down notes at any time. You do not need to move a lot in order to extract a self-defense pen quickly.

The pens are designed to allow you to attack pressure points of the attacker quickly. These pens also allow you to break down a glass window efficiently.

As far as learning to use a self-defense pen is concerned, the techniques are easy to learn but you need to practice regularly. There are several resources available online that can help you learn these techniques. It is also recommended to practice these techniques with your friends to make sure you can use this tool effectively if you need to use it.

Buying a Self-Defense Pen

Due to the immense benefits and growing popularity of self-defense pens as a discrete tool for self-defense, a number of companies have jumped in and started selling a wide variety of these tactical pens in a variety of designs. However, this does not mean that you can buy any pen. It is recommended to go through the reviews of a variety of pens to find one that fits your needs. The best way to find the right one is to check reviews of various companies that are well known in the self-defense community for selling high quality products.

Overall, a self-defense pen or a tactical pen is a highly effective weapon when you learn to use it in the right manner. So, make use of the review websites to choose a pen that will keep you safe if you are ever attacked. Hopefully, this covers everything you want to know about what is a self-defense pen.


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